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About Me

In the last few years my life (as well as that of millions of people all around the world) has been revolving more and more around computers and the internet. Although I have always dreamed of being a scientist, there's no "undo" or "restart" button in real life, making the virtual life so much more interesting sometimes.

After being and leaving dozens of communities and getting rid of what seems to be hundreds of email addresses, three nicknames remained in use, each describing a part of myself and my interests: CarlosCM, SexyCook and GoogleMaster.

CarlosCM was the first and remains my most used nickname on the web. Carlos is a name I wear proud, the same name my father has (which makes me Carlos Miguel when I'm home), whom I love and cherish and don't admit as often as I should. The CM stands for Carlos Miguel, not for "chemical master" or "crazy man" or my family name. When first creating a nickname for an yahoo mail account, every single Carlos-something variation seemed to be already in use, CarlosCM was still available though. I took it and the nickname kept.

SexyCook was a nickname first used in IRC while reading a now deceased online comic. Reading comics is one of my favorite hobbies (so much, that I have bookcases full with comic books), cooking is, as you might have guessed, another of my favorite hobbies. Doing both hobbies at the same time that day (yeah, I'm capable of multitasking) created this nickname, which is now the one I use most often on IRC. Being from Portugal, a mediterranean country, makes new IRC guests think I'm sexy myself... I let them dream for a while.

Interesting enough, I do my cooking like people write programs: with betas and release candidates. When I get a new recipe, I usually first try to reproduce the taste of the original, but with every time I redo the recipe, I change it slightly to improve the flavor or texture. While it is indeed fun to experiment in the kitchen, this has made my friends sometimes afraid of the first tests, but they are always glad to visit me when I do a finished and proved meal. My speciality is deserts, though, and people will leave work undone if I bring a "mousse au chocolat" or "strawberry ice cream" to the office.

GoogleMaster was a nickname I started on IRC when people kept me asking for every little thing online, most of which can be found using well thought search words in google (or the search engine of your choice). A bet started from there on, where people tried to find topics I couldn't possibly find on the web. When I indeed found about everything they could think of, the following saying started to go around "when google can't find it, they call Carlos". I've always been a fan of well programmed search engines, moving from metacrawler to altavista to presently google, as I like to find answers to my questions by myself. Once I find them through sometimes hard work, I usually keep them better in memory compared to answers I got from asking someone else.

I'm not shy of troubling people with my problems, though, and am an avid user of alphas and betas of several programs. Several years ago I beta tested "cheat engine" (now a dead project), I've been using the newest versions of firefox and thunderbird from mozilla since versions 0.5 and have vista installed on my home pc since the first open release candidate. Once I see a problem no one else has figured out, I try to work with the programing staff to find the bug and get rid of it. As an example, I've worked on shellenhancer/winamp problems, as well as the chatzilla and webmail extensions for firefox. See also "programming" for further work I've done with the browser game "Legend of the green dragon".

When I'm not working or home in front of the PC I'm usually reading a book and finding new answers to questions I didn't know I had, or I'm relaxing at the local movie theatre watching the newest hollywood production. On my vacations I leave the computer at home and take a drawing pad, a writing pad and enough pencils to make a tree cry and put my own thoughts to paper. The technology age might be here, but some things just look better when done by hand.