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There are a few multiplayer games available on this server, should you have the time and patience to get to know them.

The first is DLH-Lotgd, a simple port of the open source game "Legend of the green dragon" using the "Dirty Little Helper" community as template for the game. It has most of my own modules, as well as most creations from the DLH community. It has had a slow but steady raise in player growth, keeping it fun as well as well organized.

The second game available on this server is PHP Risk, a sourceforge project which seems to amuse hundreds of players around the world. I'm a great fan of strategy games like Civilization, Anno, Monopoly and Total War, which all give me enough time to ponder on my next move to successfully crush my opponents. The game is still in test phase on my server, so don't expect a large community yet.

Last but not least is PHP Go. Go is an ancient version of chess or checkers, if you want to keep the description simple, but is still played all around the world but hundreds of thousends of fans. Clarity of thought is needed in this game, as well as a great respect for your opponnent. On a normal board I've played games between 15 minutes and 2 full hours, depending of the board size, with PHP Go I now have the chance to play against opponents from all around the world and take my time on the next move.